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Wesley Hamilton earns HooptownGTA recognition

Keswick High School met Richmond Hill High School without three starters tonight in a hard-fought battle that led to a tie-game at the end of four quarters. But that didn’t stop Wesley Hamilton …

At the end of the half, KHS was tied with Richmond Hill. Kemron Bell had 10 PTS and Wesley Hamilton had 15 PTS with 5 AST. At the end of regulation time, Hamilton hit an amazing 3 PT shot to tie the game. It was his 32 PT of the game.

This was the sixth time this season that Hamilton has scored 25+ PTS in a game. HooptownGTA recognized this achievement on their website.

“Wesley had a terrific game,” commented Coach Francis Lundrigan. “No question he carried the team on his back.”

It will be exciting to see how KHS does in the playoffs this year. Let’s go Cougars!